All About Dating Petite Girls

“Is she your type?”

You might not have ever considered it before, but dating and hooking up with a very petite girl can often be a lot different from what you’re probably used to. If you are of average or above average height kind of guy, you probably date women who are of average height as well. That means you probably date and hook up with a lot of women who are maybe just a few inches shorter than you. However, petite and particularly shorter women can sometimes be a bit different than what you’re probably used to. There are also some serious benefits to choosing to hook up with petite women, so you should consider it carefully when you finally stop just browsing Canadian casual dating reviews and actually hit the dating and online hookup scene. However, stay clear of cheap online dating sites. Visit to learn more about the top internet casual dating websites.

Shorter women and petite women often get a reputation for just being cute, not sexy. You might not have ever really looked at the petite women at the bars in Victoria because you just don’t think they will be your type. No matter what the reason is, if you’ve never hooked up with a petite and much shorter woman, you should definitely give it a shot. It can be an amazing experience, and you may even discover you have a new favorite type of woman. There are some things you should keep in mind when you start to look out for petite women, though, so you should consider factors carefully before jumping right in.

Differences You May Need to Consider

“You have to consider the height difference”

When you start looking out for petite women instead of your usual type, which may lean more towards the average height for women, you may wonder what differences there could possibly be. You will likely be surprised to know that there can be quite a difference between dating an average-sized woman and dating a petite woman, especially if you lean towards the taller end of the scale.

First of all, petite women and women who are much shorter than you will have a much different alcohol tolerance on general principle. If you’re used to hitting all the bars in Victoria and meeting women there, this can wind up being a huge factor in your evening and your pick up attempt. Of course, if you spend more time browsing Canadian casual dating reviews and finding sites on the Internet to meet women on, you may not wind up meeting up at a bar, so this might not apply to you as much. Either way, you should keep this in mind. Petite women generally handle their alcohol differently than a taller or heavier woman might. This means you might want to avoid buying her a drink at the bar, since you always want to carefully watch your drinking habits and her drinking habits when trying to pick a woman up. You don’t want her to get too drunk, and while you probably have an easy time observing your own drinking habits, it might get a bit hard to handle when you have to keep an eye on someone else’s level of intoxication. Petite women will generally get drunk faster than other women, so you should keep that in mind when you meet up at a bar.

Another thing to keep in mind is the way you compliment her. This is applicable whether you choose to meet women in person or if you prefer to browse Canadian casual dating reviews until you find the perfect online dating site to use to meet women. When you start talking to a woman who appears petite, you have to be careful with how you compliment her. You may be used to calling women cute or adorable, but sometimes this can hit a sour note with petite women. Shorter girls are used to being called cute, and never sexy. Their short stature and slender figure can often lead to them being compared to someone young and cute. You should attempt to stay away from calling her cute unless you want her to lose interest. Tell her that she’s beautiful or sexy instead, and she won’t misinterpret your compliment at all.

The Benefits: Using Your Height to Your Advantage

“The sex life becomes interesting”

One of the biggest advantages to dating a petite woman is that there is likely to be quite a height difference between the two of you. This may not originally seem appealing to you and it may even seem like trouble, but you’re likely to see the advantages soon enough. Petite women are obviously going to be lighter than their taller counterparts, leaving you free to pick her up and carry her, providing you’re in decent enough shape. Why is this so appealing? Hooking up with a petite woman means you can finally get to try sex against a wall, or sex while you hold her up. This is sometimes impossible with women who are much closer to your own height simply due to weight and height difference issues. With a petite woman, she is likely to be small and light enough that you can easily hoist her up and keep her there for quite some time. Having her back against a wall while you hold her is still a good idea, since it will allow you to rest when you need to.

Besides the obvious advantages in the bedroom, there are also numerous advantages for your general chances. Women are generally much more attracted to men that are taller than them, so you should have that covered when dating a petite woman. Shorter women seem to be drawn to men that are much taller than them, so you can use your height to your advantage when trying to hook up with petite girls.

Possible Drawbacks of Dating a Petite Woman

“She is going to like it anyway”

Unfortunately, there can also be some disadvantages to dating or hooking up with a petite woman. Chiefly among these reasons is the fact that sex may actually be more difficult than usual. There’s only so much room in a woman’s vagina, and petite women might have trouble with sex even if you don’t consider yourself particularly well-endowed. This might be an advantage for guys who don’t have an above-average length, but if you are a larger guy, this might spell trouble for you. There are always going to be ways around this kind of issue – there are positions you can try in order to make things easier for her – but it can certainly kill the mood if you aren’t expecting it.

Besides possible issues with sex, you might wind up finding that there is just too much of a height difference between you and the petite woman of your choosing. There can always be too much of a good thing. If you find yourself practically needing to get out a step stool in order to kiss the petite woman you’re hooking up with, you might need to try and seek out women who are a little bit taller. Having an extreme height difference may be appealing to some women, but if she has to crane her neck to see you, she might not want to hook up with you at all.

There is definitely a delicate balance when it comes to height differences, and though it might not seem appealing to you at first, you may be surprised by how much you end up enjoying it if you take the time to weigh the pros and cons.

Differing Sizes and Bondage

Sometimes, there’s a huge size difference between you and your partner. This might actually be a reoccurring problem for you, and it might even be something that you’re rather self-conscious about. The best sites out there will try and coach you through this kind of dilemma, and these are the kinds of legit bondage dating sites out there that you will want to keep coming back to again and again. Even without these kinds of sites, however, there will be someone out there that is turned on about your size, be it your actual physical build, or your penis size. It isn’t that hard to find someone like that, so keep looking and you’ll be able to find the perfect person for you.

If It’s Your Penis Size, You’re in Luck

“Women have kinks about different sizes”

Maybe you’re a bit larger than average or maybe you’re a bit smaller than average. Lucky for you, there’s always someone in the bondage community that’s looking for a guy that’s either too big or too small by conventional standards, and that’s because there’s a kink for everyone. While you might not be able to fully understand why someone would want a penis that is slightly smaller than average, you will still definitely be able to find a submissive that wants to be dominated by a man with a small penis. Even if you don’t hop on a legit bondage dating site to find them, you will find them sooner rather than later.

If you have a larger than average penis, you’re also in luck. Someone is going to want you, because size kink is definitely something that many submissives are into. She will want to be dominated by a man that has a larger penis and she is probably into the idea of it being too much for her to take in general. While you might feel self-conscious about being either too big or too small for most women to find pleasurable, the bondage community is full of women that have very specific kinks; that is where your individuality will really shines through. Trust us, there is someone out there that wants exactly what you have, and there is a good chance that she is going to climb you like a tree the moment she finds out about you.

If It’s Your Physique, Guess What–You’re Also in Luck

“Some women love large men”

If you’re an overweight guy, there are plenty of women out there that will be extremely turned on by you. While many men might feel self-conscious about their weight and their ability to pick up submissive women when they don’t meet the typical standards of attractiveness, there are just as many women out there that want a man that is larger and fully capable of dominating them. Legit bondage dating sites will be a great deal of help when it comes to finding the perfect woman for you, but in general, there is no shortage of women that want to be your submissive. In this world of online dating, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Visit and compare the bondage dating sites. You can surely find someone to be your submissive.

It isn’t a matter of you being overweight; it’s a matter of preference. You should find satisfaction in being a huge turn-on for them just because of those few extra pounds. This also applies to the fact of being a slightly smaller than normal man. If you’re short, there are women out there that will really be interested in you because of that. If you haven’t gotten the gist of this yet, what we’re saying is that if you have any out of the ordinary or otherwise vaguely unique quality. There will be a woman out there that is extremely into the fact that you have this particular quality, and they will be on you like white on rice. There is no doubt of this happening, but just be aware that it might take a bit longer for it to happen in the first place. Don’t lose hope, and keep an eye out for the perfect woman out there that wants to be with you because of your unique qualities as well as your prowess in the bondage community.

When Does Size Become a Problem?

“It depends on what she likes and how she likes it”

If it’s your penis we’re talking about, then there are a few different scenarios when this can be come a problem in the bedroom. Many bondage enthusiasts care less about penetrative sex and far more interested in the psychological connotations of bondage itself. There is always a place for penetrative sex in the bedroom, so if you have a smaller than normal penis, it might be difficult to help your penis stay inside of your partner. That being said, there are many different positions that the two of you can try in order to make it work better for both of you, and that will simply require experimentation in order to see what works best for both you and her. If you are larger than normal, then it might actually be difficult for you to get it inside of her in the first place. In this case, we really do suggest the use of lots of lubrication, and making sure that she is relaxed and ready for you before you attempt to go straight into the act of penetrative sex.

Sometimes, being overweight can also be an issue in the bedroom. Girl on top doesn’t work quite as well when you are an overweight man, and it might end up being a lot easier to try doggy style if that is the case. There are several other positions that the two of you can play around with, and it all depends on what works best for both of you, so be prepared for quite a bit of experimentation as needed.

Size is What You Make of it

“It’s not the tool; it is how you use it”

In most circumstances, size will not be an issue for you or your partner. There are many workarounds all size differences, and it’s all what the two of you make of it. If you decide to make it an issue then it definitely will become an issue. It might even be part of your kinky evening, because as we mentioned before, that might be something that turns both you and your partner on. If that’s the case, then play it up. If that isn’t something that either of you care about, then skip it and just get down to the bondage play that you are both really interested in.

Scenarios definitely don’t have to deal with your size difference at all, but you should at least plan accordingly for any issues that might pop up because of your size difference. Make sure that if you are going to attempt penetrative sex and you have had issues with that sort of thing in the past because of your penis size that you are prepared with condoms, lube, and whatever else that you think you will need in order to make it work. If you and your partner are of different sizes overall, make sure you have any other tools that you think you might need in order to make your night work to the best of its ability so that you have a ton of fun.

Why you shouldn’t color your hair at home

“You will not get the perfect shade you want”

We have all seen that gorgeous hair color commercial with the lovely girl with the beautiful, flowing, glowing hair in the most perfect shade you have ever seen. Or perhaps you were just rolling your cart down the aisle and there it was, the shade you’ve been considering for months, maybe years. Perfect, exactly as you’ve imagined it. It’s the exact color you have always wanted. What could go wrong? Everything. There are a million good reasons not to color your hairat home but we’ve compiled the most important for you below.

Bad Dye Job

We have all heard the not-so-charming moniker “bad dye job”, as in “Look at Beverley. She’s looking tired today.” “No. That’s just a bad dye job.” If you haven’t said it yourself about someone you’ve heard it said or maybe even been the recipient of this disparaging description. Those labeled in this fashion are most often the recipients of an at-home dye job. It isn’t as easy to choose a hair color as one might think. If the objective is for the hair color to be natural, flattering and stylish, many factors go into the decision. Factors that those untrained in color chemicals and properties cannot even consider. Colors are chosen on specific properties of the hair and skin tones, pigments, grey factors and other things. Hair color experts not only take your special hair qualities into consideration, but also mix the chemical dye treatment to perfectly mix with your hairs natural tendencies. All box color is the same and cannot accomplish this.


“Avoid banding by consulting a professional hairdresser”

When people color their hair at home there are many factors they do not consider. Banding is one of those thing. Banding occurs when levels of color overlap and cause darker spaces in your hair. It is unattractive and a glaring sign that your color is a box job. When coloring roots or new growth, the color must be applied only from the root to the line of demarcation. Overlapping that line will cause color banding. Not only is this virtually impossible for someone doing their own hair but also for anyone attempting it in a bathroom without proper lighting, equipment and ventilation.

Time is of the Essence

It is of the utmost importance to time your hair color procedure correctly. Even small increments of time, too long or too short, can take big liberties with your hair. Many things go into the amount of time you should leave color on your hair and boxed kits mention none of them in their directions. Factors like how many times you’ve dyed before, the condition of the hair, the porousness of the hair, your natural hair color and last but not least; the color you’re aiming for.

Hair Color Correction

“See the difference”

If you do color your hair at home and cause more harm than good, hair color correction is certainly possible and can be a life saver, or at least, a style saver. But you need to find the right local salon. Rock Paper Salon Offers – Hair Color Correction In Echo Park and they have a reputation as one of the better places to go on the east side. At-home dye jobs can end up disastrous, even for women who have done it successfully for years which brings us to another problem in the realm of home dye jobs; all boxes are not created equally. Stylists the world over are very familiar with the phrase “That’s not what it said on the box” or “That’s not what it looked like on the box”. At that point they are searching out Hair Color Correction in Echo Park. Stylists mix your hair color in the salon to perfectly coincide with your own hair. Boxed kits contain most of the same ingredients but not always in the correct measurements.Keep away from at home hair days and you can avoid any hair color corrections all together.

Money and Cost

“Consult a professional hairdresser and you can avoid any hair damage”

Last but not least, there is the issue of cost. Many people don’t mind paying $20, $40 or more for a haircut from a trusted, talented stylist. Ask some of those same people where they get their hair dyed and over half of them will say at home. To clarify, people who are afraid of an unqualified stylist cutting their hair will completely trust an unqualified person (themselves) dying their hair. Doesn’t make much sense when you think about it that way does it? It all boils down to that extra money. The bottom is this; when that home dye job goes bad, you’ll be searching out the help of a stylist andbe glad to spend the money.

Clutter-Proof Your Inbox With These Email Management Apps

Just when you thought email marketing is dead in the advent of social media, then you’re in for a surprise. Email marketing remains on the rise most especially now that social media is well-becoming a good entry level for funnelling prospects. Email marketing is still the best way to establish strong engagement with business leads. You can never avoid businesses sending you email every so often to offer something or just to say hi. At one point, you did show some interest in their products or service that made them acquires your addy. Somehow, you knew what was coming. So days later your inbox is such a clutter; even if you do want to check out those emails from your favourite sites, you just haven’t got the time and emails are coming too fast one after another – not to mention the junk mails that show up every now and then. If your inbox is becoming hard to handle lately then you’d be glad to know that there’s handful of best email management tools you can tap on to take out the headache in managing your emails.


It’s standard procedure to have more than one email addresses so that you can easily sort out what you receive in each of them. What this app does is it forwards emails from one email address in one category and other emails to another category. Likewise you can link your existing email accounts to OtherInbox and manage all of them in one dashboard.

Clutter-Proof Your Inbox With These Email Management Apps

Clutter-Proof Your Inbox With These Email Management Apps


OBoxer is not considered a service, instead it is an extension or plug-in that you can access right from your browsers like Safari or Google Chrome. At best this allows clean-up of your Gmail account and gets rid of junk mails quickly. This plug-in also makes work fun because there’s a feature that awards you with a badge for every action done, say composing emails, replying, sorting and even archiving.


This email management application prompts from your desktop and allows you to import emails from your multiple email accounts into Postbox (yep, more like the good ‘ol postal box). This saves you time in having to open numerous email accounts one by one.


This one is a browser-based plug-in that lets your Gmail become more productive. This works well with Firefox and Google Chrome, giving you the ability to manage your Gmail and Google apps quite easily.

Clutter-Proof Your Inbox With These Email Management Apps

Clutter-Proof Your Inbox With These Email Management Apps


Although this application is currently in its beta testing, experts say this one shows very promising service with its various functionalities in one app. And since it’s on beta testing, might as well enjoy the free use. They sure could use a lot of your inputs.

Having a reliable email management app is a must especially when you’re always on the go but relies heavily on email to communicate with friends and business associates. Apps not only save you time in having to keep your inbox updated, sorted and blocked from spam, but they bring out the fun in doing emails too.

5 Best Books To Read After A Break-Up


Resisting the urge to be rude every 30 minutes is a losing battle and let’s face it, a break up brings a lot of changes in your life. You may not be in the mood to answer questions about your recent break up and what’s the point of faking it? You might as well give yourself the space to heal. After you’ve had a good cry, put on your philosophical hat and pick up a good book. Entertain yourself and get carried away.

  1. The Kama Sutra. – For your information, the Kama sutra is not just a picture book of sexual positions. It’s actually a commentary on the social life of the old Indian caste system. It contains interesting directions on what kind of women to engage, how to keep a wife and a treatise on mistresses. Interesting read if you want to understand why you and the boyfriend broke up over a third party. This text may give you an insight on the workings of male motivation and the tendency of some women to make themselves agreeable to the male sex.

How Kama sutra was made?

How Kama sutra was made?

  1. The Hobbit. – If you want to go the way of fantasy and adventure, this pre-Lord of the Rings novel will take you to a land of adventure, dragons and treasure. This J.R.R. Tolkien children’s classic tells of the adventure of Bilbo Baggins who goes on a wild adventure where he is forced to use his wits and common sense. He gains a new level of maturity while providing a backdrop for the discovery of the ring, that will eventually be passed on to his nephew Frodo. Personal growth and heroism along with motifs of warfare are central themes in the story.

  1. Harry Potter – This 7 part series will take the better part of the week to finish but it’s worth it if you want a light and funny read on childhood, pre-puberty and adolescent longings and self discovery. Follow Harry, Ron and Hermione as they battle Lord Voldemort on his attempt to take over the wizarding world and how they foil his attempts every time. All these while training for quidditch, dealing with nasty professors and winning the house cup. This best seller feeds the nosy adventurous part of you who wants to forget about cheesy pick up lines and annoying dudes who think they are God’s gift to women.

The Legacy of Harry Potter: Charting his global rise and what it all means

The Legacy of Harry Potter: Charting his global rise and what it all means

  1. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen’s classic novel is a study in contrast: For those with a taste for manners and mores during the turn of 19th century England, meet Jane the eldest of the five sisters. She is distinguished by her kindness from second sister Elizabeth who shares their father’s wit and sometimes sarcastic outlook. The novel goes on to reveal the sisters experience on love, society and men. This is one of the more popular novels in English literature and it has received a lot of attention from literary scholars.

  1. Ruby Fruit Jungle. – If you’re break up has been the result of some identity crises and you want to tread the unbeaten and untrodden path that is fast becoming legal in 12 states in the US, then this one is a must read. This is a classic lesbian coming out story of a poor but intelligent southern belle who fought for her identity after discovering her sexual preference at the age of 12. Full of heartbreak and wry humor, you may find yourself giggling at odd moments broken only by your cat’s consistent yawning.

Love and heartbreak are just as much a part of life as death and taxes. Whiling your time away with a good book can certainly bring about some comfort and order in an otherwise painful and sensitive time. Be kind to yourself and enjoy reading!

Proper Benefits Of Stretching

Health is wealth. It’s a short and simple statement, yet carries a huge weight on its importance. The body is a vessel that holds a number of systems all gearing up to maintain its optimal level of functioning. If one system goes down, it can possibly affect others as well much like a car’s engine is down, then so are the other parts.

Doing a little bit of workout on a regular basis helps stimulate the body’s system to function properly. Doing stretching is even more than enough to deliver the same quality as other forms of exercise. You may never know even when you’re sleeping or walking, you’re already doing stretching. It’s a way of pattering movements at a specific at its dull peak of length.

The Benefits of Stretching

The Benefits of Stretching

Increases Flexibility

Stretching can increase flexibility which is to a degree that a muscle will lengthen. It helps improve the circulation of the body as the muscles don’t stiffen up. Stiffness of the muscles is due to the lack of flexibility which causes movements to become slower. This will probably result to sprains on ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues if these parts are not properly loosened up.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Stretching also improves the coordination of the body’s muscles in line flexibility which allows it to extend extremities from certain points when able at a limit. It also improves the balance which will rule out the risk of falls and end up being injured.

Proper Stretching Technique

Proper Stretching Technique

Improves Circulation

As I’ve mentioned earlier, stretching improves the blood circulation in the body especially its flow to the muscles. When there is no disruption of good blood flow, the muscles and other important parts will receive adequate amounts of essential nutrients the blood carries. Injuries to the muscles or joints will heal quickly when adequate blood is flown smoothly into these areas.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Stretching has proven to improve the cardiovascular status of the body. It lowers the blood pressure because the arteries and veins are well established in its elasticity for adequate blood perfusion.

Alleviates Lower Back Pain

Sometimes we encounter lower back pain from constantly sitting at office work. This condition will eventually lead to hamstrings and strains on the back specifically at the hips and buttocks region. Doing a little bit of stretching especially focused on these parts will loosen up the tightness and stiffness of the muscles. Then an increase of blood flow will up and alleviate the pain.

Allot time for doing a little bit of stretching not necessarily for long periods of time. Spend just around 5-10 minutes of your which is more than enough to yield efficient and effective results for the benefit of the body. Good health is worth than anything else.

Tips On How To Save Mobile Bills


Mobile phones providers are flooding the market with different types of phones. Millions of people are buying the phones without guidelines on how to use and maintain them. This makes the buyers to be slaves to high mobile bills by choosing services that are expensive for them to pay for. They are spending blindly without asking for advices.

Each and every day, billions of shillings which could have been saved are wasted by the mobile users due to subscription to services which they cannot afford. Selling mobile phones is a business just like any other. The providers are working tirelessly to come up with services that will maximize their profit. They tend to conceal these services from many mobile phones users. For many of you who are suffering, this article is good news today. It is going to enlighten you on the best methods you can use to save your mobile bills which the providers are trying to make unknown. Here are some of the tips that will help you save your mobile bills.

Use unlimited mobile services

Using unlimited mobile services is one of the solutions to your problem. Mobile phones have unlimited services such as unlimited text messages and unlimited internet services. These are the two main unlimited services offered by mobile phone services provider. This service ensures that you get a maximum service by just paying some small bill. You can send many messages at the least prize. It will also help you reduce or harmonize the internet bills.

Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bill – A Few Practical Tips

Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bill – A Few Practical Tips

Select a service that suites the time you talk using the phone

Look for a plan that helps you save airtime by talking at the time less money is used per minute. At what time do you frequently call? Is it in the morning? Is it during Midday? Or is it in the Evening? Study your calling patterns and habits and you will be able to make your call with the least airtime.

Time the duration of your call

This is another measure of ensuring you do not waste your airtime. Have you ever gone through you call minutes? This is a service that will help you track your call minutes. It will help you regulate the time you spent by calling. Immediately you exceed the time you assigned the person you called, the call ends.

5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Cut Your Monthly Phone Bill

5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Cut Your Monthly Phone Bill

The main purpose of this article is to give you the tips on how to save your cell phone bills. Give your cell phone bills some attention and enjoy the benefits of saving the bills. Cell phone bills are just unnecessary burdens that should be eliminated. The best way to go through is by reading the article tips above.

Perform SEO With These 3 Ways Even On A Tight Budget

Having an online business can be challenging and it doesn’t come cheap either especially when you’re just building your business. When you are down below and just starting to climb the ladder, you wonder if you’d ever find your website dominate page one on search engines. Maybe it’s time for you to change strategies and discover other ways in climbing the ladder. I’m not saying that paying to get to the top is a bad idea, but if you are on a tight budget then you need to be open to other ways. There are ways where you can save money or cut cost and there are free ones too. This article will show you how you can get your website listed at the top of Google’s or Yahoo’s search results related to your website’s content. Read on to find out.

Keywords Research Secret

This no longer remains a secret since you have read this article. Find a long step key word related to your business and then use it or implement that in creating blogs, articles or even videos. Your blog can become one of your most powerful tools with the right keywords. Search for those niche market keywords that have low competition and high value. This will enable you to achieve better rankings on search engines.

3 Ways Of Doing SEO On A Tight Budget!

3 Ways Of Doing SEO On A Tight Budget!

Getting the Most out of Social Media

Natural Link building can definitely help boost your page rank. Some websites like Pinterest provides do-follow links that will allow you to naturally build links. Post your links on Facebook and any highly trusted social media websites and backlink it to your website. This will help you dominate the first page.

10 Creative Ways Small Business Owners Can Do SEO on a Low Budget

10 Creative Ways Small Business Owners Can Do SEO on a Low Budget

It’s All about Quality not Quantity

You have done your keyword research and have created a blog and an article out of it. You have also linked your post to as many trusted websites as you can online. Then it’s high time you create a special interaction or connection with your visitors who will be your potential customers in the future. It is important that you create a website with a content of quality. Your post must be something that they can relate to. Something, where in they can make use of its information that they want to share it with others who can also benefit from it. That will most likely create a bond of trust to make them watch out for your next post.

It can be a jungle out there especially if you don’t have enough funds to compete. I hope that these tips helped provide ideas in making your website change its rank on search engines. Keep in mind that the quality of your content matters, this alone will attract people to your site.